Photographer, creative producer & content creator.

I saw you.  Even when you think I didn’t. I did.  That split moment when your guard went down and you unintentionally showed me the tiniest part of your soul, I saw you.  I respect you.  Your views, your thoughts and your humanity. I saw that you wanted to over compensate, you wanted to convince me that you are resistant, guarded, proud when in fact all I saw is hesitant, hopeful and vulnerable…  I understand why and many times I place myself completely in your shoes and I become you.  I even AM you.  When I document you in a portrait, I feel as vulnerable behind my camera as you feel in front of it. In order for me to really convince you, I have to show you who you really are.  Beautiful. Brave. Broken. Kind.  My greatest passion in life is to fend for the vulnerable, and what a better way to do that than photography? 

Let me show you what I’ve documented after 15years of experience in a wide range of photography fields all over Namibia, South-Africa & Europe.  

I focus on portraits mainly, but love to get my marketing degree and social media knowledge in the mix and help you with a strategy, supply you with content for your social media platforms from my ever growing image library, or work towards better branding through commissioned corporate photography. If you want to see me over-invested and on the edge of passion, let me have the privilege of documenting your social investment projects to create better awareness, educate and provide feedback and measurability to investors.