My story

I have never thought of myself as a writer.  With years of critical feedback I came to believe that I am not a writer.  For a long time I saw this as a drawback and then one day I realised that this is in fact an opportunity… I simply have to tell the stories through images instead of words.

The written word is powerful but a story captured in a single image can sometimes be overwhelmingly moving.

My website is all about stories.

Firstly it is important to know that I am completely intrigued by people.  No matter the shape (or state), the age or the culture,  wherever I travel, whenever I see a face, I am left with one question: What is your story?

It helps to know that I see my photos as art and my chosen medium through which I express myself.  I tell stories.  I tell stories of beauty, of truth and of life.  I tell them because I believe they are all worth telling.  I would like to tell yours too.

If you find what I do interesting, please get in contact with me.

To learn more about me, please browse personal projects or view recent photo shoots.  Visit my blog or Facebook page or contact me via the contact section of this site.





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