To new beginnings.

It’s hard to believe that it is already the first day in February of this new year, 2018.  WOW.  Time flies and each year it seems to go faster.

I promised myself to start sharing the process of the new me, my new business model and the new season of my life at the beginning of this year.  Even if I don’t get it perfect from the start.  I know I sometimes have spelling errors and that my tenses get all mixed up (this is my second language, you know).  Still, I want to share this journey with you.  Or try at least.

I realise that the best “reset” button would be on the first of January, but who said it cannot be on the first day of February?  Or November?  To me there are no more “perfect timing” to start.  Just start.  That’s it.  Give one step forward…even if it’s small and a little unbalanced.

What have I been up to?  Well, 2017 was my year of unbalanced stepping forward.  I was still doing a lot of the old work – and second guessing my choice to move on to new horizons with every session or wedding.  It was frustrating at times.  Not being able to move on completely with a clean slate.  However, at the end of last year I realised that I had to finish well and that the people who came my way were the perfect ending to this amazing season of my journey.  I am so thankful for each and everyone that passed in front of my lens and helped me to become the photographer and person I am today.  Thank you for trusting me with every wedding photo, every family event or moment.  The privilege  to have been a part of your lives – if only for a hour – will always be too great to even explain.

To honour my clients and the time spent I will still be sharing some of my favourite moments and people right here on my blog.

If you are wondering where I am going, do not wonder any more.  I am still right here. Behind the lens.  Sometimes in front of it.  It will always be a part of me.  To get a better idea what I am keeping myself busy with these days, head on over to my website and explore the new look.  (It’s not perfect yet, I have quite a few technical things I have to finish on my site, so please bear with me. Better even, please send me the glitches you notice or how you think I can even better my site to me via email.)

You will find I am still as busy as always, just shifting the focus somewhat to who I am and what I love to do.  Hopefully you’ll also find more of me.  More honest words, more posts and more images!

Happy New Year, guys.  May this year be the start of your beautiful new beginning.  🙂

See you soon.



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