Monthly Archives: May 2017

I do not know what it was about this day, but it came alive with special moments, romance, love, laughter and so many other wonderful things all in one day.  Ashwald & Gaby had a perfect rainy day in Windhoek, until the sun came out to bless us with the most amazing light just when we started with pictures outside.    From a photography point of view we (Caroline, my assistant and I) only had fun at this wedding.  Everything inspired me.  From their home-made recycled decor to the warmest and softest light that came just after the rain.  And to top it all off – they were so relaxed, fun loving and enjoyable, it was easy to just capture moment after moment.  Thank you, Ash & Gaby, for this privilege.  To share in your big day. To witness your beginning and to enjoy the day with you.  May you cherish these images to remind you day after day how lucky you are to have each other and all the loved ones that surrounds you!