Monthly Archives: April 2017

Roma & Dasha decided to have a small, intimate wedding in the rolling hills of Northern Ireland.  The best part of this rainy, very green part of the world is that it (weirdly) had full days of sunshine and brought every shade of green to the deep clearest colour as if it was sparkling.  This was a lovely wedding.  THE MOST BEAUTIFUL bride and a perfect setting to capture their affection and adoration for each other.  I cannot thank you enough that I had this privilege to share it with you.  Looking forward to my visit in Russia some day soon!


Family, greenery, inspiring new people, places and things.  That is what the UK had in store for me!  This was an awesome trip.  Just some family shots of us in London. Not the usual touristy type of London.  Nothing special.  Just us spending time together. A few pictures that is close to my heart.  Hampstead might just become my new favourite area of this inspirational city.


This woman’s smile is addictive.  I cannot help but smile behind the camera every time the grin starts on her face.  She is soft, her kind heart shining through her eyes, and the beautiful freckles on her nose kept me pressing the shutter again and again and again.  Best of all… Gavin is seeing all her beauty – inside and out – and this turned this shoot into magic.  I cannot wait for their wedding day, it is going to be filled with magical moments!

I woke up one morning last week and it hit me that it is almost beginning of May!  Somehow I’ve missed the date ticking by… I am still in January, trying to get all my ducks in a row with all the new ideas I have.  I’ve been so busy and the days and shoots and experiments are all happening, but at the same time it felt like time had stand still.  So this morning I went through a few shoots I’ve done the last few months and it  became very clear that we are indeed heading for the middle of the year already.  So here I am again, adding a bunch of pictures of a bunch of different shoots I’ve done during the last 3 months.  I hope you enjoy!