Monthly Archives: June 2016

“There was a softness about her… a softness that shines from her heart, through her eyes.  A softness that can only come from knowing and loving our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

This was a fun wedding.  I smile everytime I think of these two and their group of friends / family.  🙂

Turning 40 is apparently no joke.  I wouldn’t know yet… but I can imagine on the one hand that it is scary knowing and feeling life passing by quicker than you thought.  However, I imagine 40 years to be the beginning… of a new life.  A fuller life.  Of someone who is content, peaceful in who she is and knows what she has found in herself and also what she’d want from life.  You probably do not keep yourself busy with the petty things, but are more self assured and are spending more time with loved ones, instead of pretending with others.   For Ida, however, 40 did not only bring the just mentioned… it also brought more inner  and outer beauty.  Contentment in family and most of all – surrounding herself with what is most important:  FAMILY and friends.  Her soul is younger and lighter than ever and celebrating life is what this shoot was all about.  Congratulations, Ida.  May the next 40 bring even more blessings than the ones you are enjoying now.