Monthly Archives: March 2016

I did not get much time for photography as we went camping with an almost-one-year-old and my 3year old boy, BUT these are a few I did get to capture!  Enjoy!

I’ve had very little time for blogging the last few months, so I thought, instead of trying to make up by adding each family separately, I will add a few of my favourite ones in this one blog entry… ūüėČ ¬†Enjoy!

What fun at a party! Even though these two love birds were not fond of the camera, all I could see was a stunning bride, best friends and lovers getting hitched, having the BEST time! ¬†Luzaan, I could photograph you all day and every day! ¬†Baxter, thank you for your patience with me! ¬†You guys were great! ¬†May your friendship and love only deepen with time…¬†

What I loved most about Birte, is the constant smile on her face. ¬†From the first day I’ve met her, I can only remember a smile. ¬†Which is probably why Dewald fell for her. ¬†Their wedding in Swakopmund was a windy day, but not even that could break the spirits. ¬†Guys, you rocked! ¬†Thank you to Nasche Dresselhaus for assisting me. ¬†